Maui Women's Pro surfing

Here are a couple of images that I took during the Maui Women's Pro surf event in 2015.

It got lost in amongst the millions of photos that I took during our Canada travels, and I only just rediscovered them a few days ago! 

We just happened to be travelling around Hawaii while the World Surf League was being held there, which was an awesome little bit of serendipity. I really enjoyed watching the women's event - I am very inspired by talented sportswomen who rock their sport! 


New Zealand as a Village of 100 People

As part of my on-going project, "New Zealand as a Village of 100 People," I set up a mini studio at Massey Library and photographed the library guests as they went past.

Some volunteered with enthusiasm and some had to be begged and bribed!

But I ended up with a richly diverse group of portraits of people who call New Zealand home.

Check out all the portraits, plus more info about the project, at

Bethells Beach Surf Life Savers

My local beach is Bethells Beach on the west coast of Auckland, and it's a wild beach, full of rips and massive waves.

Every summer there are volunteer surf lifesavers that patrol the beach on the weekends, and full-time surf lifeguards that patrol during the week. 

I contacted the Bethells Beach patrol and also Surf Life Saving New Zealand, to ask if I could approach some of the lifeguards about taking their portraits for my sports photography portfolio. 

These 3 guys, Mark, Hamish and Miles, are some of the full-time lifeguards that graciously allowed me to pose them and take their photos!

(Photos used with permission by Surf Life Saving New Zealand)


Firefighters Calendar 2017

I was honoured to be the photographer for the 2017 Firefighters Calendar (New Zealand Fire Service).

We shot the two calendars over 3 days at 3 different fire stations, and it was an absolute blast!

The 12 female and 12 male firefighters volunteered their time to help with the calendars, which raise money to support the Fire Service and Child Cancer Foundation.

You can purchase a copy at